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Aniket, Ambassador, MichiganScapes

Hello my name is Aniket, I'm a mechanical engineer by day and a self-taught photographer by night. I started my photography journey with long exposure photography, but my passion for the stars eventually led me to astro-landscape photography.


As a photographer, I am always fascinated by the beauty of the natural world, both big and small. I love capturing the Milky Way galaxy, star trails, and other celestial phenomena (aurora, comets etc). I also enjoy photographing landscapes and  sometimes wildlife.


My engineering background gives me a unique perspective on photography tools. I'm always looking for ways to improve my techniques and equipment on a budget. I'm also passionate about sharing my knowledge with others and helping them to capture their own amazing photos.


In addition to photography, I also enjoy spending time hiking, and camping.

Region: Mid - South Eastern
Regions / Thumb area

Region: West Michigan (Mid)

Hi!  My name is Joan; my day job as a corporate accountant can be demanding, stressful at times, and full of numbers!  To connect with my creative side and remind myself that there is beauty all around us, I turned to photography.  

My photography journey has only recently begun.  I am in constant awe of the night sky photography topics – Milky Way, star trails, and the Northern Lights – and hope one day to successfully capture all of these phenomena.  I also love capturing landscapes throughout the four seasons of Michigan and am particularly fond of sunsets/sunrises over water.

I hope, as a novice/beginner photographer, to inspire others to begin their own photography journey.  I look forward to sharing what I’ve learned as well as learning from others. In my spare time, I also like to travel, read, and volunteer.

Joan, Ambassador, MichiganScapes

Region: SE Michigan / SEO Expert 

Derek Ambassador, MichiganScapes

Hi! I’m Derek, and I’m a proud and passionate Michigander. I’m in love with all things mitten related, particularly geared towards historical church and abandoned architecture (forgottenscapes 😝). Photography is a way of life for me, and I’m always striving to grow and gain a better understanding in my craft. In my downtime, I enjoy performing sleight of hand, helping out in my church youth ministry, and working on my SEO skills through blogging and marketing. 

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