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Join MichiganScapes Membership!! 

Are you looking to take your photography knowledge, skills and value to the next level? If so, KEEP SCROLLING!!! MichiganScapes now offers the absolute best membership you have ever seen, anywhere! I wish I had this when I was starting off, because I would have joined instantly! However, the great news is, now we get to offer it to you!!! Why? Because MichiganScapes is all about helping you grow with your photography no matter what equipment you use, and also give you an amazing experience at the same time! So what's included? Well to start, how about the


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  • Discount Code for Adobe All Apps to bring it to ($15.99 / Month) 

  • Early Registration 

  • Access to Premium Articles

  • Access to Webinars (Live and Recorded) 

  • Access to Exclusive Interviews

  • Photo Critique ( 1/Month) 

  • 50% Discount on 1 on 1 Session with Mentor

  • 20% Off Day Classes / Tours 

  • 15% off MichiganScapes Swag 

  • 10% Off Main Class Discounts

Your Savings! 

  • Adobe Original All Apps Price - $760 / Year (60/Month) 

  • With MichiganScapes Price - Adobe All Apps - $191.88 / Year 

  • Savings - $528.12 

    • From those savings - MichiganScapes Membership - $311.88 / Year

    • ($25 / Month) Annual Discount coming soon. 

    Savings - $216.64 

    So now you not only have ALL OF THE ADOBE APPS - BUT ALL of the learning, articles, webinars, one on one sessions that goes along with Adobe, to know how to use it, tips and tricks and getting the absolute most out of it! 

     $40.99 a month (compared to $60 / Month) - $20 Savings Monthly

    With all these savings, you're gonna get even MORE savings! From the membership alone, so what do those look like? 

    Discounts for our main classes / swag, local tours, and day classes.  
    You have the potential to save over $500 a year in classes and outings alone, compared to non members. PLUS you get early access to registration to give you a better
    chance at your spot being available. 

    Photo Critique - 1 FREE / Month - $80 Value 

    50% Discount with one on one sessions - $125 Savings / Hour for members 

    Exclusive Webinars / Articles / Videos / Podcasts and more! - These items will be available individually for non members, but it is included with your membership, you can save over $500 / Month JUST with this portion alone. 

    Photography is an investment of Time, Learning and constant Practice! Just imagine how your photo career / hobby could take off by putting in $40 / month for your learning, editing tools, and expertise you're looking for.
    Ryan and Christina absolutely love helping people find their own passion and skills with photography. MichiganScapes is not a competition, its a SAFE place for all photographers, adventurers, hobbyists, professionals, and everyone in between to come together, talk about photography, learn and have a FUN time doing it! So make the investment in your passion and your future, you WILL NOT regret it! 

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