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Take Me There Tuesday: Fremont, MI

Updated: Apr 13

Nestled in the lower, western half of Newaygo County is my current hometown of Fremont.  Home to Gerber Baby Food, Fremont is located 45 miles northwest of Grand Rapids and touts a year round population of 14,000 residents.

Its location makes it the perfect place to get away from the hustle and bustle of city life and connect with wide open spaces and clean, fresh air while still being within decent driving distance of some great attractions and photography opportunities.  Michigan’s Adventure, Grand Haven State Park, Little Sable Lighthouse, Big Sable Lighthouse, and Silver Lake Sand Dunes to name a few are all within a 1 to 1 ½ hour drive from Fremont.  And, because there is plenty of rural landscape to take in, you might just catch a ForgottenScape or two in your travels!

Little Sable

Little Sable Lighthouse is located in Mears along with the Silver Lake Sand Dunes.  This lighthouse is a short walk from the parking lot and offers plenty of room for viewing sunsets.

Big Sable

Big Sable Lighthouse can be found in the Ludington State Park.  It’s a beautiful 2 mile hike from the parking lot to the lighthouse and can be accessed via a walk along the beach or a hiking trail within the dune environment.

Not to be outdone by the Lake Michigan shoreline, Fremont does have its own lake that is home to many water related activities in the warmer months.  My drive to work takes me past the lake; I was fortunate to capture this winter sunrise last week.

Small towns in Michigan also offer some of the best fairs and festivals.  Fremont is home to the National Baby Food Festival, which turns downtown Main Street into oasis of carnival rides complete with the often sought out Elephant Ears!  A block or two outside of the downtown area, you’ll find the Newaygo County Fairgrounds, where the agricultural industry is celebrated with weeklong shows and events.  Throughout the summer months, weekly concert series are held at the outdoor amphitheater located in Veteran’s Memorial Park.  

For more information on Fremont or Newaygo County, check out these websites:


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