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What's included with Adobe Creative Cloud?

Get Pumped!! Who's ready to get Adobe-fied? Is that a word; Probably not, but it should be, because this article is going to go into some awesome details about what is included with Adobe Creative Cloud All Apps Creative Suite. So why is MichiganScapes talking about this? Well, MichiganScapes and Adobe has partnered up to give you the BEST DISCOUNT EVER, allowing you to get all of the apps included in the Creative Suite, NOT just the Photography Package. So if you're ready to have the most powerful editing software at your fingertips, for the price of a lunch now of days, then welcome!


MichiganScapes is beyond thrilled to be partnering with Adobe to offer this to all of our students and classmates. At the time of this article, we will be super close to ironing out all of the details for everyone to know exactly how to qualify for this offer and get their subscription for (Drum Roll Music Insert) just $15.99 A MONTH!!!! Yes, you read that right! The original price for for the CreativeCloud All Apps subscription is $60.00 a month!!!! That's a $45.00 discount per month, for something that has the ability to take your pictures to the next level, and give you that creative touch you're looking for. For all the details (that will be ready in time for Black Friday / Cyber Monday, visit MichiganScapes FaceBook Page or

What's Included?

Adobe is the most versatile photo editing software on the market today. Create Cloud encompasses all of the apps you will be receiving after your account is created. You can either view the apps as All Apps or under one of the categories (this is just to see what you have, everything below IS INCLUDED:

  • Photo: Lightroom / Lightroom Mobile | Photoshop | Lightroom Classic | Photoshop Express | Portfolio | Adobe Express | Adobe Live | Behance | Bridge | Adobe Raw

  • Firefly and Generative AI

  • Graphic Design: Illustrator | In Design | Adobe Fonts | Adobe Color | Capture | InCopy

  • Video: Premiere Pro | After Effects | Audition | Character Animator | Media Encoder | Animate | Premiere Rush

  • Website: Dreamweaver

  • 3D: Substance Sampler / Designer / Painter

  • PDF: Acrobat | Scan | Fill and Sign

Details on some of the main programs:

Photoshop: This application is what many people think of when they see Adobe. It is their flagship program and has come so far since it all started! If you need to edit a photo and remove obstructions, stray hairs, fix scratches, move an item, apply a filter, replace the sky or stack images such as star trails or HDR brackets, this is the one you want to use! Work with multiple layers on your images and make edits to any part. Also perfect for replacing backgrounds of portraits and objects, and adding text.

Lightroom: This is my favorite tool in the pack! Lightroom lets you edit your image to the finest details with color, shadows, sharpening and noise reduction. I always start here and adjust the HSL (Hue, Saturation, Luminance), Shadows, Highlights, Contrast, Noise Reduction, Profile Colors, remove Chromatic Aberration (purple haze around objects) crop and export your image to the size and specifications you want! Add your watermark, EXIF data and keep all your images organized and easy to find! You can search by attributes, create collections for easy finding, and even work with and create your own presets to assist with your style of edit.

** NOTE - Don't be afraid of all this info! MichiganScapes is here to help and has a vast array of tutorials for you to purchase and have at your disposal forever! Many of our classes will also cover this material!

Illustrator: This program is excellent for creating vector based designs such as business cards, logos and flyers. With this program, you can increase the size exponentially without losing any quality. Vector is all based on lines and math, so if you are going to need to create something that is going to constantly shrink and grow in size, this is the way to go!

Acrobat: Everyone knows about PDF files right? Well if you ever need to create, edit, view, send off to someone to electronically sign it, or create your own, that's what this is for! This is probably one of the most handy everyday tools. Secure your document with passwords, include links and make sure no one else is able to edit or change it. Perfect for legal documents and walkthrough guides.

Premiere / AfterEffects: Both of these programs are made for the videographer! Cut and edit your video, add titles, sound, effects and much more to make it stand out, adjust your highlights, shadows and colors and export in aa side variety of formats and qualities, perfect to fit your needs!

Audition: This app is used for editing sound files! Your MP3, and Wave sounds such as video interviews, podcasts or sound effects, take it into audition and adjust your wave lengths, bass, treble, and apply filters to make your sound, sound great!

Special Features Included:

Content Aware Heal in Photoshop (PS) - This will allow you to remove unwanted parts of a photo and use amazing technology to fill in the area. Many times, it will look seamless as if it was not there previously. Great for removing people from the background, power lines, scratches and fixing paint / grass areas. The possibilities are endless.

Sky Replacement in Photoshop (PS)- Perfect for real estate use, if you have the overcast gloomy skies and they don't work for your image, take it into PS and replace it!

Background Removal in Photoshop (PS)- Perfect for products and headshots. If you want to give your image a cleaner look, remove the background and put in what you want. A professional backdrop for school, or a clean background color for displaying an item.

Filters in Photoshop (PS) - Filters are always fun to experiment with and also can come in very useful. These range from making an image look like a coloring book, to adding motion blur, or even a color gradient over the whole image for that mood you might be looking for. Liquify is another great one to adjust areas you need to shrink down an area.

Presets in Lightroom (LR) - Presets are amazing! If you have a particular style you like of an image, you can save those specific settings and apply them to any other image. Highlights, Shadows, HSL Adjustments, Exposure, Cropping, everything can be replicated at the click of a button!

Presets in Audition / Premiere: Same as your pictures, apply specific presets to your audio such as podcast voice, or remove background noise for your audio files. Add a color profile or text box to your video that you normally use as well.

Adobe Express: This is an excellent web tool that allows you to create graphic designs for advertisements, flyers, business cards and more! Choose from hundreds of templates, colors, fonts pictures and more!

Mobile Apps: What's great about the Creative Cloud Suite, is the mobile apps that are included! Many of these products are available on phone or iPad to all you to always have access to your pictures, edits, tools and more! If you capture an awesome photo on your phone, edit it just like you would on a computer! Best part is, everything syncs. See your mobile pictures in the Lightroom app on desktop, create libraries in the creative cloud app and have all your assets in one place.

Storage: Each plan includes 100GB of storage space!!! Upload your favorite images to Lightroom mobile, keep your assets all together to use in any app, have all of your flyers, business card files and others available when you need it.

Adobe is an AMAZING company, and they have been great to myself and Christina, as well as all of our ambassadors across MichiganScapes. To have the chance to have all of these powerful tools at your fingertips for the cost of a lunch or a few Starbucks runs is something you don't want to pass up! You can create what you need and take your images to the next level with all of these programs. I do want to stress though #MichiganScapes is not in support of using AI tools to create an image from nothing or adding so many different parts to an image and calling it your own. AI is a very powerful tool, but it needs to be used correctly! If you are fixing something, or replacing an area of a damaged image, or small edits, it is a perfect tool. Please do not take credit though for images you did not take to begin with.

We hope you are just as excited as we are with this Adobe partnership and cannot wait to share the details with all of you. Remember, there is going to be a lot of articles and video tutorials, classes and meetups that is going to go over all of these details and how to use ADOBE properly. MichiganScapes is here to teach you what you need to be successful with your image taking and post production editing. If you have any questions, please let us know!

Written By: Ryan Jakubowski / Instructor - Founder

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