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Upcoming Classes 

Thunder Over Michigan, MichiganScapes, Plane, Military

Completed Classes 

Night Sky & Aurora Workshop, Aurora, MichiganScapes
Christmas Walk, MichiganScapes
Ice Tour, Photography, Photographer, MichiganScapes
USS Edson, Michigan, Bay City, Photography, Photographer, MichiganScapes

November 19th - USS Edson Tour 

Join us for an amazing tour of the USS Edson war ship and night sky photography in bay City. Class will be held prior to teach the lesson, then we will head to the tour, grab food and finish with night sky photography.

Fall Tour, MichiganScapes, Michigan, Photography, Photographer, MichiganScapes

October 6th-8th - Fall Photo Tour and Master Class!

Join us for our most amazing experience yet! The Fall Photo Tour / Master Class photography course. We will be taking photographs at some of the most amazing spots in the Michigan Upper Peninsula! Take a boat tour of Pictured Rock, listen to and capture waterfalls, frame out amazing cliffs through old windows at Fayette, MI, even see KitchItiKipi natural spring with its crystal clear waters! You don't need to be a master for this class! We will teach you what you need to know! For full details Register here 

Sunset, Photography, Photographer, MichiganScapes

Saturday July 22nd - St Joseph, MI.

Sunset Photography Workshop 

Join Ryan and Christina on the west side of the state as we take you to explore one of the most beautiful beach towns along Lake Michigan, St Joseph. This place is known for their amazing sunsets and lots of other Landscapes in the area. We will be having class to start off and teach you the best settings to get those eye popping sunset shots, and then we will make our way to multiple locations in the area and finally end up at the St Joseph Lighthouse for Sunset Photography. 

Night Sky, Aurora, Northern Lights, Photography, Photographer, MichiganScapes

May 19th and May 20th - Night Sky Photography and Aurora Chasing for Beginners. 

This class is now complete! We had an absolute blast meeting everyone and learning about the settings for your mobile phone and camera on how to take night photos of stars and the Aurora. We also learned how to forecast the Aurora, when the best time to see it is, camera settings and much more! If you attended this class, you can find the Class FaceBook Page here. 

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